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For those who suffer from androgenic alopecia

How it works

How do our consultations for female or male pattern baldness work?

Start by submitting your request by filling out the consultation form. You will be invited to include relevant medical history details that pertain to your hair loss, through our secure portal. Our services are specialized in androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness such as receding hairline, female pattern baldness and general hair thinning.

Attach pictures of your hair. Pictures should be well-lit and of good quality so that they are easy to be viewed by the hair loss specialist.

Choose the plan that you prefer.

Your request will be securely transmitted to your clinician and you will receive an initial response within the time frame of your plan. The consultation fee includes your diagnosis, medical support via messaging, a hair loss treatment plan, and a prescription. The price of the hair treatment itself will then also be communicated to you.

The hair loss expert will review your request and photos to make a diagnosis and
suggest the best combination therapy for your hair loss. You will receive a
diagnosis and treatment plan, directly on the Hair Loss Rx Consult platform.

Once you accept your treatment plan and its associated cost, your prescription will be sent to a compounding pharmacy. A pharmacist will contact you to confirm certain details. Your treatment will then be delivered directly to your door, at no extra charge.

Two types of plans are available to you


Obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan through a secured, online chat, within 3 days



Obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan through a secured, online chat, within 5 days


* Most private insurances cover consultation fees.

** As you fill out your consultation form, benefit from 25% off your first consultation when you sign up for our newsletter, no code required!

Ready to start your androgenic alopecia regrowth journey?

User who suffers from androgenic alopecia, female or male baldness who is on her computer.

Create your file

Complete the online form whenever you want to. Please be specific in your answers so that your clinician has all the necessary information.

Send your photos

Take good quality, well-lit pictures, from the top, front, and sides of your head.

Ask your questions

Use our secure messaging system to communicate directly and privately with your clinician.

Begin your treatment

Your prescription will be faxed to a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacist will then ship your alopecia treatment to your home as soon as it's ready.

Some details about our services

The limits of teledermatology

In our hair clinic, we can treat different types of hair loss such as androgenic alopecia, female and male pattern baldness as well as thinning hair issues. Some conditions may require a procedure and a physical examination. An in-person consultation is suggested for the following conditions:

  • Hair loss in patches (alopecia areata)
  • Rapid, sudden hair loss
  • Hair loss as a result of cancer treatment


Your records allow us to get to know you better and thus best guide the treatment of your hair loss. Your file will be kept for 5 years as required by the College of Physicians. Your personal information will be stored and protected to the highest standards of HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR internet security under SSL V3.

Included with each hair loss consultation

Each consultation includes access to a clinician through messaging, a diagnostic evaluation, and a prescription sent directly to a compounding pharmacy (if applicable). The consultation fee can be paid via credit card (VISA or Mastercard).

Insurance receipts and health insurance cards

Your health insurance card is the most reliable ID card you can provide, to prove your identity and that you are a Canadian resident. Hair Loss Rx Consult issues receipts that are accepted by most insurance companies. Receipts can be found with their associated consultation, in the secure online portal.

The people behind the service

We work with certified medical experts from across the country. All discussions with clinicians are done via our secure online messaging service.