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Finding what works for androgenic alopecia can be hard

Consult EASILY with a medical hair expert, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE

Get the Power of Combination Therapies

Androgenic alopecia is a multifactorial disease, which explains the superior efficacy of combination therapies.

Combination therapies are now available through this platform.

As these treatments are topically applied, no systemic side effects have been reported through a growing number of clinical trials. They are also an easy fit within any lifestyle.

If you’re balding, we’re here to help.

Two types of plans are available to you


Obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan within 3 days



Obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan within 5 days


* Most private insurances cover consultation fees.

Our safety and security promise

At Hair Loss Rx Consult, we proudly protect our users, both patients and healthcare professionals, as part of our service offering. We make every effort to ensure that the data we collect is used only for the purposes you have consented to, in accordance with the most stringent business practices in the world.

Personal information is stored and protected to the highest standards of HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR internet security under SSL V3.

Why choose Hair Loss Rx Consult?

Experience our many advantages

Avoid waiting

You do not need to be referred by a family physician to our medical team. You can decide how quickly you want to be treated.

The highest standard of care

A clinician conducts each consultation to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis.

On the go consultations

Our online service allows you to send your information and photos at your convenience, without the constraints of clinic hours or doctor/nurse’s schedule.

Get a clear and accurate diagnosis

Your information and photos allow our medical expert to make an accurate diagnosis, tailored to your medical profile.

pharmacy icon

Receive your treatment on your doorstep

Your prescription will be sent directly to the compounding pharmacy. The pharmacist will contact you to confirm your details, then ship your product.

How does it work?

A balding patient consulting the Hair Loss Rx Consult Services

Create your file

Complete the online form whenever you want to. Please provide details about your medical history through our secured portal, so that your clinician has all the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest the best treatment plan for you.

Send your photos

Take good quality, well-lit pictures, from the top, front, and sides of your head.

Ask your questions

Use our secure messaging system to communicate directly and privately with your clinician.

Begin your treatment

Your prescription will be faxed directly to a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacist will then ship your treatment to your home as soon as it's ready.