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Need Hair?

Struggling with
- Hair loss,
- Thinning hair,
- A receding hairline,
- Male pattern baldness?


Need Hair?

Struggling with
- Hair loss,
- Thinning hair,
- Female pattern baldness?


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New patient

Due to a change in the process of our telemedicine platform, we are unfortunately no longer accepting new patients at this time. However, the Hair Loss Rx Consult team is actively working to reopen our service to new patients. You can join our waiting list to receive notification when our services are available to new patients.

Waiting list

Patient who has already had a consultation

Our service remains available to patients who have already had a consultation with us in the past and wish to renew their prescription. To learn more about the updated process, please consult the section below. Click on “Start your renewal” to begin the prescription renewal process.

To learn more about the renewal process

How do our hair loss renewal consultations work?

A balding patient consulting the Hair Loss Rx Consult services

Fill the Prescription Renewal Request Form

Complete the online Prescription Renewal Request Form whenever you want to; after all, our hair clinic is always open! Your clinician will review your file to decide if your current treatment should continue or be adjusted.

Review your proposed treatment plan

Your dedicated hair loss clinician will examine your form and prepare a treatment plan. You can expect to receive this plan via secure email within 5 business days. Remember to check your spam folder.

Approve Your Treatment Plan

To approve your treatment plan, simply reply to your clinician’s email mentioning that you accept the treatment plan and they will arrange your renewal prescription promptly.

Receive your treatment at home

Once you’ve accepted your treatment plan, we take care of the rest. Your prescription will be sent directly to a trusted compounding pharmacy, which ensures top-quality care. The pharmacy will contact you to process the payment and confirm your shipping details, delivering your treatment directly to your home.
Start your Rx Renewal

Unlock your hair's true potential, with our clinically proven, combination solutions that counter hair loss

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With the before & after pictures of some of our clients


I was going bald at a very young age and as you can imagine, it was an emotional struggle. I don't want to waste your time with my story, but what the triple combination did for me is unexplainable. I would not use any other medication. It is the perfect solution for me!

Client K.B.Verified Consumer Testimonial

My hair loss has calmed down tremendously since I started using your products. I highly recommend people to try your products because for me, they have really made a difference and I don't think about surgery anymore.

HamelVerified Consumer Testimonial

People around me noticed that my hair was starting to grow back. In just a few months, I could see a difference. I ended up taking the product and applying it all over my head! I would definitely recommend this product to others who suffer from hair loss like me.

AdrienVerified Consumer Testimonial

I started losing my hair when I was 22. I've tried several products in the past, but nothing really worked, so I heard about this solution and decided to try it. The triple combination has been the product that has helped me the most to progress and achieve the best regrowth results so far.

NathanVerified Consumer Testimonial

Within 6 months, I almost had a complete regrowth. It wasn't in patches, it was everywhere! Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about the products. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try it!

RaymondVerified Consumer Testimonial

Our safety and security promise

At Hair Loss Rx Consult, we proudly protect our users, both patients and healthcare professionals, as part of our service offering. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the data we collect is used only for the purposes you have consented to, in accordance with the most stringent business practices in the world.

Personal information is stored and protected to the highest standards of HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR internet security under SSL V3.


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