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Target the root causes of baldness in men & women

Need Hair Solutions

You’re not alone

Over 20% of the world’s population suffers from hair loss (alopecia).

Androgenic Alopecia is a multifactorial disease that accounts for more than 90% of hair loss incidents.

Whether you’re experiencing thinning hair or a receding hairline, we’re here to help!

Hair that has fallen into the sink

What makes Hair Loss Rx Consult stand out is that our treatment plans tackle the different causes of androgenic alopecia, through combination therapies.

Common causes of androgenic alopecia & receding hairlines

Vitamin & mineral deficiencies

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can contribute to female or male pattern baldness

Insufficient blood flow

Improve scalp blood flow after a hair loss consultation on our platform


A tendency towards female or male pattern baldness can be transmitted from generation to generation


Get your testosterone levels under control through the help of a hair loss specialist


Time can affect your hair growth cycles

Tackle the root causes of your hair loss with the power of combination

No one ingredient can do it all, like how a healthy diet isn’t composed of just one food group.

Nos services de consultation médicale en ligne peut générer les résultats tant espérés
Benefit from a hair treatment designed to treat androgenic alopecia

What can you expect?

Before starting one of our alopecia treatments
Before starting one of our hair treatments

0-2 months

During the first two months of your treatment, you will notice little to no change. You may lose some hair at first, as the new hair takes the place of the old hair but this is temporary and normal. Remember that consistency with your prescribed treatment is key and try to be patient with your results.

Get your receding hairline under control after 3-6 months of treatment
3-6 months after one of our hair loss treatments

3-6 months

After a few months of treatment, you will begin to notice changes. Your hair cycle is about 4 to 6 months, so this is when the changes to your hair will start to be visible. Your hair will gradually stop falling out and you will even start to notice that your hair is starting to grow again. We recommend taking pictures of your progress to help you keep track of your hair growth. You’ll want to compare those changes later!

6 months after consulting a hair loss expert
6 months after consulting our hair clinic

6 months +

After 6 months, you should see a significant improvement in the appearance of your hair. Bald areas will begin to fill in and your hair will start to look healthier. The important thing is to continue the treatment to maintain your results and regrow more hair.

Get healthy hair through a treatment plan that works for you.